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Miley Cyrus Animal Love

Miley Cyrus Animal LovePolVam

Miley Cyrus had six dogs at the beginning of the year 2014. Floyd which was her favorite died in April which led her to acquire Moonie. It was evident that the young celebrity was extremely affectionate to her husky dog who according to the media and her fans, died mysteriously. Apparently Floyd had been showing signs of ailing days before his death; Miley expressed her distress on tweeter by saying that she did not want to go home to a house where Floyd was not playing. After the dogs demise, her moods went down; actually, Moonie was her mother Tish’s idea of livening her up although she sent the tiny pet to live with a pet indicating that for a long period of time, it will be hard to find a replacement for Floyd.
Miley Cyrus Dog

Just recently in September, she surprised the world by adding a micro pig to her known list of pets. Bubba Sue who will probably give her love for dogs a break has warmed her up. She does to her new friend all the girly things including painting his hooves red although the world is still in the dark as to where Bubba Sue hails from.
Miley Cyrus Pets
Miley Ray Cyrus’ career

She was born Destiny Hope Cyrus following the beliefs of her parents that she was set out to do big things. As a baby, she was often caught wearing a smile so her parents called her Smiley which was later shortened to Miley. The Ray between Miley and Cyrus is in honor of her grandfather Ronald Ray Cyrus to who she was close until his demise in the year 2006.
Miley Cyrus Pet

Miley Cyrus began acting in her childhood where she played small roles in the TV series Doc and the movie Big Fish. However, her breakthrough did not come until in 2006 when she took the lead role for the TV series, Hannah Montana. She was only 11 by then and her success came from being persistent in addition to her talents for singing and acting. The instant success of Hannah Montana which was good enough to rank among the highest rated series elevated Cyrus to teen idol status.

Miley Cyrus out for a walk with her dog in Studio City

Miley’s father and grandmother are both entertainers. Bill Ray Cyrus and Dolly Parton both had successful careers in country music but unexpectedly, the young star does not make any reference to them influencing her. However, like her parents hoped, she has achieved legendary status being the richest teenage in 2008 according to Parade Magazine. In 2013, Maxim placed her No. 1 on its list of Hot 100 for the year. Other accolades include a 2014 MTV Video music award for video of the year and high rankings on Forbes.
Miley Cyrus Pig

The young star supports several charity causes with notable ones being the Elton Jones AIDS Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Youth Service America and United Services Organization. She has made significant donations and has often visited sick fans in hospitals throughout her career. Do Something honored her efforts by naming her the 14th most charitable celebrity in the year 2013.
Miley Cyrus Pup

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