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Michael Jackson Animal Love

Michael-Jackson Tiger
Michael Jackson’s affair with chimpanzees is said to have begun with Bubbles whom he acquired from a Texas research facility in the early 1980s. Although the public viewed the singer’s friendship with the primate as a manifestation of him detaching from reality, Jackson certainly had a soft spot for Bubbles considering the privileges he was allowed. Some of these include sleeping in a crib in Jackson’s bedroom, using his personal toilet and eating candy in the Neverland movie theater click to read.

Michael Jackson Dog & Chimpanzee

Bubbles accompanied Jackson to almost everywhere he went in the 80’s. One of his notable travel experiences is the one during the Bad album world tour where the primate and Jackson made a social visit to Yasushi Oshima who was then the mayor of Osaka. It was not only surprising to the hosts for an animal to be brought into the city hall, but the Chimpanzee also drank tea while seated next to Jackson. Although the pop singer intended to go everywhere with Bubbles for the Bad world tour, the Chimpanzee was denied access to Britain and Sweden both of which has strict quarantine laws.
Michael-Jackson  Orange Furry Animal

Jackson would have liked to spend his entire lifetime with the wild friend although he had to let him go in 1988 when he became too big and dangerous to play the role of a companion. For his love, Jackson considered the chimp as his first child and is even remembered telling his children that they should regard Bubbles as a step brother. After the relocation, Michael purchased two other chimpanzees namely Max and Action Jackson although his attachment to them would never reach such epic levels as he had previously had with Bubbles.

Michael Jackson’s career and awards
Michael-Jackson Ananconda

Michael Jackson will always be remembered as the king of pop. He was a revolutionary in the art not only for his singing but also for his dancing. He helped popularize complicated dancing styles like moonwalk which he supposedly taught to Bubbles the chimpanzee. He holds record as the most awarded recording artist having crunched 13 Grammy Awards, several American Music Awards and multiple recognitions including “Artist of the Century” and “Artist of the 80’s”.

Jackson was first accused of child molestation in the summer of 1993. The accusation was made by a 13-year-old Evan Chandler and his dentist father Jordan chandler. The case ruined Jackson public image although it was settled out of court with Evan and his father receiving a sum of $ 22 million. Subsequent allegations came in May of 2003 when the documentary, living with Michael Jackson was released.
Michael-Jackson Chimpanzee

His changing appearance

The most controversial aspect of Jackson’s life is certainly his changing appearance. There were several versions of stories with most suggesting that he had bleached although the truth came out in 1993 when he testified to Oprah Winfrey that his paling skin was a result of vitiligo. In his autopsy, it was confirmed that he indeed had this condition. He however has two rhinoplasties; these were probably because his father had ridiculed the appearance of his nose in his youth.


In his lifetime, Michael Jackson was recognized severally for his philanthropic efforts by Guinness World Records. He supported 39 charitable causes exceeding the efforts of any other entertainer and not to forget that proceeds from some of his songs like “We are the world” which he co-wrote with Lionel Richie went to relief.

Michael-Jackson Donkey

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