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Kristen Stewart Pets and Animal Love

Kristen Stewart Dog

Although she says that her choice of a wolf-dog hybrid as a pet has nothing to do with her role as Bella Swan in the twilight saga, people won’t believe otherwise. Kristen Stewart’s mother Jules who is a script supervisor raises wolf-dog hybrids although such practice is not allowed in all states. Kristen takes the oldest male as her favorite and subsequently, her pet. She says that the animal is really sweet and submits to her which makes their relationship all the same awesome. However, she is also affectionate of the rest of her mother’s pack.

Kristen Stewart Animal Love

Beginnings and career

Both of Kristen Stewart’s parents work in the entertainment industry and specifically, in film production. Like said earlier, her mother Jules Mann-Stewart who came to Los Angeles from Queensland is a script supervisor who has also done some production work. Her father John Stewart is a stage manager and television producer who once in his career, worked for Fox.

Kristen Stewart Wolf Shot

Although Kristen knew she would end up in the entertainment industry, acting was not in her dreams; she had plans to become a screenwriter or a director. Even today she confesses that acting is something she likes but still has a passion for writing. In fact, she is considering enrolling in college where she will take literature and learn how to write so that she won’t be a “professional lair for the rest of her life”.
Kristen Stewart Cats

Before Twilight Saga in 2008, Kristen had had success with other film releases. She started acting at the age of 8 initially doing school plays. She made her debut with Disney Channel’s The Thirteenth year where she was given a non-speaking role. Her breakthrough did not come until 2002 when she was cast in Panic Room. She was supposed to play the role of a tomboy who is the daughter of a divorced mother. For this role, she was nominated for a young artist award. It was also about this time when she started homeschooling since her work was disrupting conventional school so much.

For now, her role as Isabella Swan in Twilight Saga is seen as the prime of her career. She co-starred alongside Rob Pattison. Although her character received mixed feelings, most people agree that she is the reason why Twilight received widespread praise.

Kristen Stewart Pet

Wealth and Fame

In the year 2012, Forbes ranked Stewart as the highest paid actress with annual earnings of $ 34.5 million. Her looks also earned her position 7 on AskMen’s list of the top 99 women. She has also done some marketing work. When Balenciaga released a new fragrance this year, Stewart appeared as the brands face and not to forget a different contract of the same kind with Chanel.

Kristen Stewart pets


Before 2008, Stewart was in a relationship with her co-star Michael Angarano from the 2004 film Speak. After meeting with Rob Pattison in 2008 who became her co-star in Twilight, the two had a very low profile relationship although their being seen together attracted media attention and speculation. In 2012, photos of Stewart and her Snow White and the Huntsman Director Rupert Sunders were published by US Weekly. This was the first time she acknowledged being in a relationship with Pattison, she said she loves him.

Kristen Stewart Wolf

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