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David Beckham Animal Love

So what does David Beckham has for a pet? He and Victoria Beckham acquired a pair of micro pigs in 2009 and hence joined the growing number of celebrities who now favor micro pigs for pets. Each one of the tea-cup sized cost the couple £700. To those who are not familiar with what has become pet fashion, these are not the dirty creatures you probably wouldn’t want to get close to. Micro pigs are very clean and enjoy the company of people which makes them fun to have. In fact, it is not only celebrities like Beckham who are purchasing them; the demand for them elsewhere is just as high.
David Beckham Dog

Early life and career

Beckham started his professional soccer career at Manchester United where he played his first first-team game at the age of 17. He has several records in his name and is considered a legend. For instance, he is the English player to have won league titles in four countries. While at Manchester United, he won the Premier League title six times, The FA cup two times and one UEFA champions League in the year 1999. He also became the first British footballer to have played 100 Champions League games.
David Beckham Family with Dogs

The English National Team fans believe that Beckham cost them the 1998 world cup. He received a red card in England’s match against Argentina after he kicked a fallen Deigo Simeone. England fans were so agitated by the player’s actions which made him unpopular; he even received death threats. Irrespective of his shortcomings in the 1998 World Cup, he was captain of the England National team for six years.
David Beckham Tatto
Some of the accolades he has received include being named in FIFA’s 100 greatest living players in the year 2004. He holds such records like being the first English player to score in three world cups. He is also listed among five players who scored from five World Cups from a direct free kick alongside Pele, Roberto Rivelino,  Bernard Genghini and  Teófilo Cubillas.
David Beckham Hand Wife Tatto Hindi

Beckham’s tattoos

Beckham has more than 20 tattoos on his body. He says that all of them are all about people in his life. He has one for his wife Victoria, and three for his sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. His wife’s tattoo is spelt in Hindi.
David Beckham Full Body Tatoos

Talent or Hardwork?

David Beckham Pups

Irrespective of being regarded among the best players in the world, Beckham’s coach at Manchester United Sir Alex Ferguson has been quoted saying that Beckham did not become a great player because of God-given talent but because he practiced relentlessly which is a thing most less talented player fail to do. When he was a boy at school, his teacher used to ask him what he wanted to do when he grow up and he always said that his dreams were to become a footballer. Although he is seen as a hardworking player, Beckham has received several yellow cards and reds. He was the First English captain to be sent off and while playing for Real Madrid, he received 4 red cards.David Beckham Snake


Beckham has been a supporter of UNICEF since his days at Manchester United. Other charitable courses he supports are Unite for Children, Unite against AIDs and not to forget that he is a patron of the Elton John AIDS foundation.

David Beckham Special Dog

Soccer lover find latest wallpaper of David Beckham here . Like Beckham many other social doing charity on regular basis like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg , Tej kohli find how

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